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The Greatest Classic Men's Footwear Site

2013-10-20 20:01:24 GMT



If “shoe porn” means a spectacular visual presentation of shoes, then let me show you one of the greatest shoe porn sites of all time: Centipede. A Japanese site started by a semi-anonymous blogger in 2002, and left untouched since 2009, it remains better than most of the dozens, if not hundreds, or classic men’s footwear sites that have come after it.

Much of the focus here is on English firms, including long-gone bespoke makers such as Wildsmith, Peal & Co., and N. Tuczek. For fans of Edward Green, there’s a nice sample of old historic lasts, such as the 88, 32, and 33. Here’s a pair of split toe Dovers, for example, built on the 32 and made from an unusually hairy Maple Stag suede. There are also special photo sets for J. Amesbury bespoke, A. Harris’ collection of rare shoes, and one enthusiasts’ tour of British stores. There’s no text to accompany the last bit, but the photos are enough to entertain.

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