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Rubinacci's Knit Ties

2013-07-24 20:33:01 GMT



It’s great to have nice friends. A few months ago, StyleForum member Unbelragazzo (who does the excellent blog Ivory Tower Style) posted a photo of himself wearing a cream linen suit, light blue shirt, Rubinacci Victory pocket square, and Rubinacci burgundy knit tie with a slightly broken-up, cream chevron pattern. I liked how the tie looked so much that I ask if he could proxy me one next time he was in Europe. He was in Naples last month, kindly picked me up one, and sent it to me last week. I get ties with a little help from my friends.

Rubinacci has this design in a dozen different variations. The tie seems narrow at 5cm, but it doesn’t feel too thin when it’s actually worn. Once you have a jacket on, the proportions between your shirt, jacket, and tie are actually quite pleasing (at least to my mind).

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