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Francesco Maglia 1854

Maglia Francesco is named after he founder of the company. Based in Milan, they have been crafting some of the finest umbrellas since 1854.

Each of the 70 steps required to make an umbrella, takes place in their humble workshop in Milan. The majority of workers have been with the company for over 30 years.

Maglia prides itself on using only the finest woods for the handle and the shaft of the umbrella, including chestnut, malacca and bamboo, to name just a few, along with exclusively woven canopies, which showcase wonderful contemporary and classic designs and have far more substance than standard umbrella canopies.

An handmade umbrella by Maglia is guaranteed to stand the test of time and is an investment in true quality.

Look out for...

  • Luxurious wood
  • Classic designs
  • Handmade in Italy since 1854

Francesco Maglia 1854

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