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Claus Porto

Claus Porto Handcreme & Mini Soap Gift Box - Citania

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Claus Porto bar soaps are deeply moisturising and produced with 100% natural Karité oil.

This quality soap is still handmade, using original molds and using natural ingredients.

Soap bars are milled up to seven times to ensure the smoothest finish and most luxurious consistency and as such will last to the very end of the soap without fissures.

Still hand wrapped in traditional fashion using packaging and wrappers from its own design archives the beauty of the retro packaging has achieved worldwide recognition.

  • Citania: Combining the mysterious appeal of jasmine and the fruity freshness of orange blossom. Refreshing and seductive in the aromatic notes, this fragrance captures all the liveliness and impetuous charm of coconut and vanilla.
  • Elite: The citrus opening notes gives a welcome to a unique ritual of scents, where the woody heart of this olfactory jewel defies the sensuality of amber and raises the surrounding of vanilla.
  • Chypre: The eccentricity of lychee is combined with the acid essence of tangerine and blackcurrants, the charm of jasmine and the intoxicating scent of roses, accentuated by the comfort of cedar wood and vanilla.
  • Made in Portugal
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Claus Porto Handcreme & Mini Soap Gift Box - Citania

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