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Vetra is the byword for the authentic the French work wear jackets that have been much loved and much copied over the years. Its name is derived from Vêtements du Travailleur, clothes for the worker and was created in 1927 by Edouard Beerens on the Ile saint-Louis in Paris. It is still a family business, run by Patrick Beerens.

The logo, which hasn’t changed since its inception in 1927, uses red text on a black background set above a factory, underscoring the companies allegiance with the workingman.

The joy of these garments is that they get better with age, much like a beloved denim jacket they fade and fit to their owners shape and become an essential part of their wardrobe for years to come.

Look out for...

  • French heritage garments
  • Established in 1927
  • Made in France


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